South Devon Pilates

Pilates classes in Torquay, Devon

Jeni Paul

I have been taking Pilates with Catherine for the last three years. When I first started I found it hard to breathe properly and coordinate my movements. I am now a complete convert. Catherine is brilliant at tailoring a session to the individual and what areas you need to be working on. She is patient kind and very safety concious. Without fail I always feel better after my lesson with her.


Catherine taught me Pilates in her studio from 2006 - 2013. My pilates lessons really helped me after a bad riding accident. Stretching my back muscles and working on my abdominal strength made a big difference to me each week. Catherine also taught me before and after I was pregnant and was able to adjust my lessons safely and appropriately.


"I first went to see Catherine in 2009. My health was very poor at this time having suffered from long term fatigue and chronic neck and back pain. I was understandably nervous to begin pilates. However I was able to take my lessons at my own pace and thankfully my back is now comfortable and my health is good. I would reccommend Catherine to anyone as she can assess the capabilities of her clients and tailor their sessions accordingly.


Catherine has been my Pilates teacher for the past 5 years in which time she has transformed my poor posture and chronic back ache and gave me an awareness of what exercises would suit me. Catherine takes pride in empowering her pupils to reach for new levels of fitness. She is a professional, intuitive and dynamic instructor with a great sense of humour

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